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This is Between Us

Will I tell you my secret?
Will I whisper it to your ear?
Will I bare to you my problems
and my  deepest fears?

Can I trust you to keep silent?
Can you keep my story safe?
Can you be a true friend,
who will defend me till the end?

Will you lend a hand?
Will you go out of your way,
to be my support?
Will you help me make a stand?

Or am I seeing shadows?
Snared by illusions you weave?
Falling prey to your charm
and alluring deceit.

Will you stab me behind my back?
Will you point to others
virtues I bitterly lack?
Tell them my dilemmas,
without the facts.
Embellish the situation.
Paint an exaggerated picture,
make me the centerpiece;
the main dish —
the article of your criticism
and your derision.

Vandalize me
in the world of your creation.

You pretended to listen,
acted like you understood.
But secretly you rejoiced,
as you sang and danced
on my desolate wasted land.

As we look in the mirror
Who is the worst?
I, with my tragic face;
or you with your arrogant smile
flaunting your
merciless devious grace.