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We are (not) soul sisters
(un) bound kins by (in)visible
(barely) discernable common lines.

Come (not) and have (not) a seat
(Un) Commune and (un)partake
(Sever) Spin this yarn
with me.

Shall we (un) weave together
our (un) shared history
as mothers and daughters,
wives and mistresses,
spinsters and damsels?

Living (Dying)
(dis) united together (scattered)
in common blessing (burden)
speaking the same (different) tongue
worshipping one God (Goddess).

In homes (houses)
in places of worship (damnation)
singing (lamenting)
the same myths (truths).
Shall we give voice (keep silent)
and see with clear (blinded) eyes;

the (tragic) celebrated fate
of our (fractured) connected race?
For we are
after all (in the end)
(not) soul sisters ….