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Have you ever seen this during early evening?
When hues of grays are smudging the murky sky
when stillness has fallen on the earth
and anticipation is coiled inside the waiting dirt.

Have you ever heard this during early evening?
The hush that befalls all living beings
caught in the throes of some otherworldly Angelus
being proffered to our God of death and birth.

Have you ever sensed this during early evening?
The world waiting on an artist’s canvass
and looking up at ashen clouds,
tinged with pink from diminishing light,
you paint yourself in the strokes of early dusk
while suppressing time bound impatient sighs.

Have you ever felt this during early evening?
Pierced with sadness, you hold your breath
hearing the cricket’s lonely nightly serenade
disturbed by the sound of car engine and knocks
of footsteps going up the stairs and turning locks ….

Have you ever been lost during early evening?
Frozen by a spell, to be broken by the warm kiss of nocturnal wind
slipping through the open window, surrounding you like a veil of mirth
while whispering intriguing visions of heaven embracing earth.

Have you ever experienced rapture during early evening?
The succulent taste of pure ethereal bliss, blemished by
this soil’s frantic unsophisticated flailing touch,
as the dew falls on this parched patient land
only to be left in solitude, wanting and waning ….
As evening draws closer to breaking dawn
you bury your trembling tears at the presence
of silent pillows and disturbed rumpled prints
still warm with gasping memories, and lingering traces
of his bittersweet fading grace ….

Have you ever suffered during early evening?
Naked on your own, hiding your strained face
listening to distant sirens, weeping and turning away
from the tacit moon’s silver knowing gaze.