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Well, exam week is over and the grades have been computed and encoded online. However, it never fails to amuse me to hear the reasons students come up with for missing their final exam. Here are some of the most absurd ones I’ve come across with so far 😉

5. What? Today was our schedule for final exams? Really?
4. I totally forgot the time and the room where we were supposed to have our finals.
3. Ummm … I was studying so hard for my other subject that I was exhausted by the time our exam came around … so I kinda slept through our exam …. (Well, I have to give this one some credit for brutal honesty)
2. It was conflicting with my other schedule — it was either our exam or my cousin’s wedding. (D-uh)
1. Sorry Miss, but I had a prior appointment with my dermatologist.

Ahhhh … I’m sure other professors have heard other outrageous reasons as well.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson