Kris Aquino, daughter of the highly respected and beloved Corazon Aquino, just let off another jaw-dropping statement in her interview with Boy Abunda recently.

She announced on national TV how much she admires Junjun Binay, incumbent mayor of Makati City, and that she would be more than willing to go out with him if he ever asks her out for dinner. She said all of these after admitting that Mayor Binay possesses all the qualities she is looking for in a man. Wow.

The woman has never failed to amaze me and I have to hand it to her she has guts (lots of it). Let’s admit it, we are still living in a patriarchal society, and whether women like it or not, we are still hindered by a lot of social norms and ideals on how a woman should behave and act. If this isn’t the case, then Feminism should be a dead movement today. Kris, is definitely going against these norms, and it would be interesting to see how the men (and women) in our society would react to her. If she comes through this triumphant and unscathed, then she has proven once again how great she is in influencing the minds and hearts of the Filipino people.  She is travelling down a dangerous path though, and  I can’t help but admire the woman for thoughtlessly (or not) putting herself in the middle of it.

The patriarchal system can be very unforgiving. True it is empowering to see another woman “court” a man in public, but I can’t help but wonder what price she would have to pay for such audacity later on. Judging from the reactions I’ve read in other people’s blogs so far, I’d say the odds are against her. Then again, Kris has a way of harping about her mom with tears in her eyes and using the memories of her mom to shield her from hurtful and unwanted criticisms (smart girl, these are after all patriarchally accepted modes of behavior for a woman and few people can resist the sight of a woman crying ). One can’t help but wonder if she’ll resort to these tactics again when they’re already casting stones at her. Whatever she decides to do and whatever the outcome may be, Kris Aquino just defied the behavioral practices of the patriarchal system and shamelessly  “shocked” this male-dominated world — and that thought alone can make any Feminist smile.

Kris Aquino with soon to be ex-husband James Yap (photo courtesy of chuvachienes at http://chuvachienes.com)