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And night descended upon the city ….
like a silken cord
it silently wrapped itself around
silent concrete sentinels
of man’s modern jungle.

It came unbidden,
crawling across every street,
every corner,
and snugly embraced
the night guards in their sleep.

It sang to them,
an elusive lullaby
of distant sirens
and muffled car horns,

A song that was lost in minds,
numbed by the monotony of watching
glass toothed maws
that never got satiated
by the relentless flow of souls
hurrying through them all day long.

I watched the darkness
as it conquered the city,
straying but
a few inches
from orange-colored nightlights
that dotted the streets
like stationary giant fireflies.

I watched as throngs of people
flashed past me …
hurrying home
to lighted houses,
primetime soap operas,
smiling faces
and warm home cooked meals.

I watched as throngs of people
dragged themselves home …
to unpaid bills,
heartless landladies,
frustrated spouses
and crying babies.

I watched until
these throngs of people
dwindled into packs,
specks and
then I was left
all alone …

and another night descended
once more.