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Something about sunlight –
Slanting behind trees
Streaming into windows
Glancing on walls
Dappling the peeling paint
Glinting on the steel railings
Gilding the new buildings
Dancing the dust eddies
As if calling out the name
Of everything it touches –
Reminds me
Of some childhood afternoon
When I was alone.-

by Marne Kilates

A Place for Solitude

A Place for Solitude by AdiosHurricane

There is something about moonlight

Slithering through glass windows

Sneaking pass curtains

Tiptoeing across floors

Lightly touching sleeping figures

That awakens my soul

To worlds of imagination

Where creatures

Of my own creation

Come to life

And nimble noble heroes

Perform glorious deeds and actions

While ravishing ladies

Wait desperately for rescue

Against dragons, witches and ill-flavored brews

There is something about moonlight

Dancing across quiet brows

Whispering dreams of silver in the shifting night

That reminds me of faraway lands

Of fairies, treasures and pirates

Locked in an eternal dance

There is something about moonlight

Which softly calls out to —

Cuddled fragile misty memories

Of an infant’s primordial dream

by Charlotte Aninion-de Guzman

In the Moonlight by Kristina Farrah