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               What do you do when the world is spinning out of your control? When things are simply not going your way?

               Let’s face it, despite all the pep talk that “experts” are giving out there about how you could always be in control of your space and your life — there will be times when things are simply not going to turn out the way you planned them to. You wake up one day and you realize with mounting horror that certain facets of your life are about to come crashing down. So, what do you do when that happens? Roll over and play dead? Heck no!

               If you can’t control the situation, then control YOUR REACTION to the situation. What do I mean? Chin up honey, fight back and never let the negative emotions get to you. Think about it, will things improve if you start moping around while blaming other people and yourself? Of course not, so kick yourself into some positive action. Smile, take a bath, tell yourself you can handle the situation, clear your head — think of your options (there are always options) and get down on your knees and ask for divine guidance. Remember what Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Actually, Cherry, a friend of mine, has a very convincing way of putting it too, she said (through her facebook shoutout):

“Sometimes we can feel down, distracted and so lost, this is how I felt today, but at some point I said to myself, I know that it’s just a passing phase and that I will wake up tomorrow feeling better… so why wait? ….”