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               I’ve seen them so many times and I wonder if other people see them? A pitcher standing by a windowsill, a bridge bathed in the golden glow of sunset, a child dancing happily in the rain, or a single leaf falling ever so gently and so slowly to the ground. I call them steal moments. I can’t explain why, but there’s always something so sad and so ethereal about them …. like dandelions sailing away on a summer wind.

               They are fleeting, distinct memories snatched from the hands of time itself; glittering away in all honesty that they take your breath away … but only for an instant …. Then time would open up its eternal maw and swallow them whole, leaving you with fragments of broken images and poignant feelings. I often wonder how many steal moments pass us by without us realizing how much we’ve lost and how much we’ve taken for granted. Sometimes I wonder if people are aware of the fact that they are alive, that every moment counts, that every breath in this world is worth taking. I wonder if the daily rigors of living and surviving have taken a toll on our souls, that we’ve forgotten that there are things that can never be retrieved, that time has a way of stealing and pocketing precious memories until they are lost and forgotten. How sad, how heartbreaking, to have lost the opportunity to share, to laugh and to love the beauty of this world and of its people. If only we can go back and catch that leaf before it hits the ground? If only we can look back and hear the laughter of a child so dear to us? If only we can recreate moments and embrace the people we love and who matter most to us? If only we can stop the Piper from playing his song? If only … but perhaps it is not too late … and though the clock is still ticking away … counting down the minutes … we still possess the courage to face the passage of time with a smile on our face, guided by the knowledge and the resolution that from now on, we will live every second of our lives to the fullest, with the people we love right beside us. These are our gifts as human beings, the gift to open our minds to possibilities and the gift to redress any shortcomings. All we have to do is take the step forward and reach out in order to re-weave the broken strings of lost chances and missed possibilities, making them stronger by entwining them with the lives of the people around us. After all, our life is made infinitely richer and meaningful by the mere presence and support of the people we love.