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My Neruda Goodbye


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You’ve heard it said
“If you forget me, then I will forget you too”
Finally, we exhale
In sadness? In grief? In relief?
For now, we look at each other
Not with the intimate fire of lovers
But with the warm comfortable glow of friends
Yes, now, finally, we have reached our story’s end
We have gone past the hurt, the drama, and pain
We survived driving each other insane
And that period of time
Of years upon years were not totally worthless
For by the pale strands of moonbeams
Under a multitude of stars reflecting our young dreams
We smiled then, with the tender light of lovers
Whose souls opened up in acceptance of the other
And created life so precious, that would seal our bond forever
And the magic of that night drew our fates and dreams together
But the moon, ever-changing
Her faint silver face forever shifting
Knew that earthly love will always have an ending
So let go, why linger?
My dear friend, can’t you see?
We have gone past restoration
And I extend my hand to you in grateful appreciation
Of the times we’ve had, of the memories shared
Of the hardships we endured
Of the risks, with eyes shut, we took and dared
In that brief moment life and love allowed us to walk together
Arms thrown wide to the sky, we ….
Laughed and cried
Fought and made love
Triumphed and lost
Cheered and criticized
And above all, yes above all,
We did fall in-love
So it wasn’t all bad. Won’t you agree?
But now, well now
Both our hearts can clearly see
It is time for both of us to become free
So hold my hand, one last time
Smile into my eyes
In friendship, in acceptance
With the moon’s blessings
By the constant light of the glowing stars
We will end, the same way we began
Under the same evening sky
My once-beloved, with my heart in my lips
In silver, let me now say … goodbye

For Love of the Word


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I had a wonderful time sharing the meaning of poetry, its healing power, and the social responsibility of the writer to UST students last January 31, in their event entitled, “Pilantik: Anong Berso ng Puso Mo?” I also had fun with my fellow panelists from Spoken Word Manila. I can’t wait to team up with them again. Thank you Lord for that wonderful experience 😊



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There is beauty in broken things

Shattered pots, slivers of glass

Jagged little edges, shaped like razor teeth

Grinning from the floor

Ready to strike and take a bite at life

As if to say,

“Here we are. Cast aside. Discarded and torn.

But, oh no, we are not through, not undone.

For our shattered pieces will be reshaped and reborn!”

And the sunlight glinting off these fragments

Lit them up, like a multitude of diamonds shining

Under the celestial fire, they are shimmering

And somehow, I can see myself reflected in their depths

A thousand me within a thousand facets, sparkling

With possibilities, I can feel tiny broken pieces within, reforming

And for the first time

I took hold of the sun and felt myself breathing.



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I am starlight
Born of ether and endless wonder
I am what you dream of
In moonless nights
When the dark skies swirl
With the infinite knowledge of galaxies
Hidden in my eyes
While silver cords of desire hold you
Closer in the luminous circle of my arms
And my smile, mysterious as the cosmos
Has you fixed, in orbit, around me
Held not by the gravity of my hands
But by the irresistible undefinable energy
Of fascinating constellations
Pulsating, coursing, radiating
Within and through me, burning like sunlight
Making you come to life
Giving meaning to your existence
In the unfathomable universe of my being

(Image from Smite Forums)



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I felt you hold my hand
While I closed my eyes
As your warmth claimed me tonight
I listened to your heartbeat
While the whole world stood
In stillness, and faded away
Beyond time, beyond this day
To a place where we can be
Imperfectly perfect
Completely – just you and me.
And as I let my hair down
And draw you in
Allow you within
To where no one has ever been
I know you will remain the same
And you will hold me close
When I lay my head on your chest
As your arms enclose me and allow me to rest
Knowing you are here and I am home
And my tired heart can cease to roam
For I hear it in your voice, see it in your eyes
That although, I may have gotten lost for a while
I am safe now, and my soul surrenders
To the familiarity of your smile.
Note: Artwork was taken from

Another Reason to be Thankful


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Thank you, Lord 😊❤️ Finally got the personal copy of my poem – “Yolanda: The Language of Grief”, which came out in the book entitled, “Sustaining the Archipelago” from UST Publishing House. This book is the first anthology of ecopoetry in the Philippines. I am so grateful and honored that one of my poems was able to make the cut and be included in it. Thank you Rina Garcia Chua for this opportunity. God bless you more 😊 And of course, thank you Lord for everything ❤️ The glory and honor be Yours forever. #LoveYouLord 😊

The Goddess Unleashed


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Tonight, I sit within
The cool space of the coffee shop
Holding in my hand
A warm cup of coffee
Its stillness so different
From the moving Manila traffic outside
From the riot of voices in the street
From the concerto of car horns.

And in this storm I am reborn.

Amidst the mad swirl of sounds
I find myself reaching inside
Closing my eyes
Touching my core
Drawing out the calmness of my soul
Giving rise to a delicious warmth
Forged from within
Seeping from my skin
Burning fire spreading, rising
From the tips of my toes
To my hidden valleys and curves
Outward to my outstretched hands
Under the silver warmth of the full moon
See me stand.
Touch me and burn
Careful now, I am coming undone
I am unleashing, letting go of inhibitions
Taking hold of my life’s direction
Kiss my hand
Feel the softness of my skin
With a look, I can make you sin
Feel the fire in my touch
Let my lips make your breath catch
Come now, fear me, love me
I have come on my own
Worship me, adore me, take me in
For tonight,
I am gloriously alive.
For tonight,
I will drive you wild.
Yes, tonight
I will eclipse the sun.
I am magnificently — woman.



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I know somehow

When I close my eyes

I will see you

And touch your face

In that in-between place

Where time and reality recedes

I will see you smile

And feel my heartbeat rising

Under the touch of your hand

I will find new meaning.

I know somehow

I’ve seen you

Known you

Even beyond this existence

Even before this journey of discovery began

After everything has been said and done

I’ve known

I’ve always known

I’d come home to you.

(Image is not mine, but came from Pinterest)

Beyond Sunsets


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The colors of sunset

bleed through the sky

And framed in flaming defiance

Dreams blossom, intensify

Burning against the oncoming evening

I could feel my pulse racing

And when I close my eyes

And reach out my hands

I know somehow

beyond reason

beyond light

beyond distance

in this infinity of existence

There was you

Beyond doubt

Beyond this sea of sunsets

Always you ….